A Gift That Lasts A Lifetime

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Providing a financial gift to help with supplies, programs, staffing, and other items that will go to helping our youth.


Giving of your time to help participate in one or more of our youth centered programs and field trips for our youth.


Are you a company that would like to participate in our youth programs? Learn how you can become a  partner with program.


Become a mentor to the youth of our community using your knowledge and experience to  prepare them for a better future.

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How Donations Are Used

Our donations go 100% back into the programs, facilities, and supplies that are made available for our youth. 

 Why you tithes and gifts are so important

  • We are a 100% non-profit organization that takes all the resources and donations that we receive and put it all back into providing the best opportunities that available through our partnerships.
  • Our volunteers, mentors, and partners are all background checked and vetted to provide the safest and enriching environment for our youth.
  • The more opportunities, education, and development we are able to make available to the youth of community today, the more successful they will be, thus creating a better and brighter future for our society.


How can a make a financial donation?

We offer several different ways you can donate to our program, including safely and securely through our site.

How do I sign up to become a volunteer?

We can put you in touch with the people to begin the background and vetting process to become a volunteer.

How can I sign my child up to be a part of Steel City Impact?

Sign up is easy right through our site or we can put you in touch with an enrollment specialist.

What separates Steel City From Other youth programs?

We strive to partner with the best companies and individuals of our city to help provide the best opportunities for the youth in our communities to avoid going down a path in life that would lead them astray from achieving their dreams and aspirations.


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Your gifts of time, talent, and money make a huge impact on the lives of students we serve annually.